Simple and secure banking APIs for your business

We offer simple and RESTful APIs that allow you to quickly integrate and manage payments in your web or mobile application. We believe in the creation of technologies that support innovation and in the creation of systems that will positively impact the lives of the people in our society.

We believe in continuous innovation to open up the banking space using the latest and thoroughly tested technologies

Our open APIs will take away much of your programming tasks so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Get started now


Simple APIs for ready integrations to your apps & systems.

Start making API calls with the default data provided to understand the depth and structure of our request and response messages. Visit the Developer community to get feedback from peers on any challenges and issues in testing our API. You can also reach out to us on

Quickly test/play with our APIs in the Sandbox

Get started by signing up in our sandbox. The sandbox is a simulation of our real world systems. Build on top of our APIs and create new and exciting integrations.Try out our APIs and test your integrations until you are ready to go live.


Get authentication keys for your sandbox test account and simulate real world authentication.

Create test application

You can create one or multiple test appliations for you to play with. These are temporary and will be deleted after some time. You can however create others are any time.

Subscribe to API(s)

You an select the specific APIs that you need from the list of available APIs that exist.

Test our APIs

Generate or regenerate the Sandbox bearer token and use the sample request to view the corresponding sample response model.


Secure & Simple APIs

Integrate simply using our RESTful APIs.


Robust sandbox

The sandbox provides a secure environment for you to experiement, code and test your Apps against the provided test data.


Well documented

Our APIs are well documented with sample APIs provided against which you can check your apps and confirm your code.


Report a Bug or Integration issue to

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